SIMAP launched in App Store and Google Play
SIMAP Available in Store

As promised, we are back with the news that SIMAP – the artistic mediation app for the Palace of Culture museum in Iasi – is now in store!

To not waste any time, we invite you to download it from Google Play and App Store:

Google Play App Store

Although you can use the application anywhere, we actively encourage you to pay a visit to the Palace of Culture museum in Iasi to get the full perspective.

For those who missed the demo at the Palace of Culture grand reopening earlier this year, here’s a short video to walk you through the main features of this app:

Also, we would like to remind you that SIMAP features a research & development component that proposes a new model of artistic mediation.

By collecting tags and comments from their visitors (social tagging), the museum curators will be able to permanently improve the content of their collections and the overall visitor experience.

So don't be shy to use the tag and comment features as often as you are inspired to. The staff at the museum will definitely appreciate your input.

And, of course, sharing is caring, so feel at ease to share your favourite artworks with your favourite people. :)

SIMAP is a product developed in a collaborative research project between the “George Enescu” University of Arts, “Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, “Moldova” National Museum Complex and the software development company RomSoft.

RomSoft at Startup Weekend Iasi 2016
Startup Weekend Iasi About to Kick-in

For the newest edition of Startup Weekend Iasi to reach boiling point, RomSoft keeps the burners running from a Gold Sponsor position, certainly a tradition we are proud to keep going.

So, if you:

  • got a hot business idea,
  • have a nose for emerging market opportunities
  • and like to stay curious about new technologies

then get your idea working at Startup Weekend Iasi 2016!

Startup Weekend is a full weekend hackathon where you can pitch your idea, meet your dream team and start your own company.

You will be assisted by mentors with full expertise through various stages of the process like business modelling, coding, designing, market validation and so much more!

For the last couple years we've been proud to help the SW Iasi project grow, in line with our commitment to assist local talents embrace technical entrepreneurship.

Exercising Respectful Bow at RomSoft
RomSoft is Member of JRBA

We are proud to announce that starting this month, we are members of JRBA (Japanese Romanian Business Association), probably one of the most active associations in promoting bilateral business relations between the two countries.

JRBA is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 and is registered at the Tokyo Trade Registry.

More and more, it seems like exercising the perfect bow is actually a good idea, at RomSoft :).

The German Engine of RomSoft

Version 4.0 of Extended IPU - one of our main projects at RomSoft, was recently delivered to Sysmex distributors to be used in their future planned installations. This is a major milestone completion that triggered the inspiration to look closer into how this project has grown, from one iteration to another.

In 2011, a team of 11 people at RomSoft handed in the news that the first version of the Extended IPU (or short EPU) application they were working on was delivered to end users (for those who don’t know, Extended IPU’s end users are...

EM Visit at RomSoft

When you sit down at your desk, doing your day-to-day thing, be it programming, designing, project managing or other types of “–ing” that create value for your business and for your customers, you can only imagine a day when that work really pays off.

At RomSoft, we recently had such a day. The EM Corporation, founded in 1979 as a software development company and currently running operations and business entities all over the world, wanted to get to know us. So we met on a Friday, at the RomSoft headquarters.

Temperature Tracking System - TETRAS
Temperature Monitoring & Other Raspberry Pi Hacks

A Raspberry Pi temperature monitor called TETRAS is now up and running in our server room, allowing live monitoring 24/7 of temperature values, and notifications of temp highs and lows beyond limits set by server admins.

The job to monitor temperature in a server room is essential not only to optimize energy costs but also to prevent incidents that might be temperature-related as early as possible. The system can be adapted and extended to other temperature-sensitive environments.

Our IoT research department experienced a popularity boost after this successful first installation which led to the configuration of a new study group: RPi Weekly. Raspberry Pi cooks and chefs at RomSoft are welcome every Monday 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm to test their hacks and ideas.

Office Timeline - RomSoft Interview

Tim Stumbles & Eddy Malik of Office Timeline paid us a visit recently. For us, it was a week to reconnect, to share our visions, to sketch our future. Between long meetings and late hours we couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask Tim and Eddy a few questions about the Office Timeline – RomSoft partnership and how things look from their perspective.

SIMAP Product Demo
SIMAP Product Demo

First Running at the Palace of Culture Grand Reopening

Today, more than ever, we are certain that, through hard work, perseverance and team spirit, our ideas can turn into actual solutions for a better life.

We are so proud to announce the launch of a first product demo for the SIMAP application, an idea that grew in a partnership between cultural, research, innovation, and development entities: ”George Enescu” University of Arts - Iasi, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry “Petru Poni” of

Iasi, National Museum Complex ”Moldova” and RomSoft.

While for many years our research and development activities have been centered on various areas of the medical field, the concept of integrative and restorative powers of the arts for the human health is not so new anymore.

Therefore, when faced with the opportunity to join a pioneering program that wanted to offer a new perspective to our cultural heritage, we saw immense potential, and also a chance to embrace our share of corporate cultural responsibility.

SIMAP proposes new, interactive ways of artistic mediation for museums that want to converse with their publics, following new patterns of cultural consumption, and providing enhanced viewer experiences.

While the project timeline is still unfolding, with an official deadline set for October this year, we are glad that, through our common effort, we have been able to align this first product demo with the reopening of the Palace of Culture in Iasi, that is home to an impressive, 30 piece collection of Romanian paintings from the modern period, and subject to the pilot edition of the SIMAP project.

This means we see SIMAP as an application that can be replicated for other major museums, and, in continuing a collaborative model between institutions, each with its own expertise, to ultimately complete a greater puzzle - a national, multidisciplinary, integrated solution for Romanian art museums.

SIMAP stands for “Innovative System of Interactive Artistic Mediation for Promoting the Cultural Heritage in Romanian Art Museums” and is co-financed by UEFISCDI (through the Program for Collaborative-Applicative Research Projects - PNII) and RomSoft.

New IoT Development Direction at RomSoft
What’s Up in Our Recent Research Field

Internet of Things

Since August, 2015, at RomSoft we opened a new direction in our research strategy – namely IoT, or Internet of Things.

One may wonder why the latest Internet protocol, IPv6, uses a 128-bit address, theoretically allowing 2128, or approximately 3.4×1038 simultaneous connections, whereas the world’s actual population, as of March 2016, was estimated at (only) 7.4 x 109?

The answer is: the Internet of Things, or IoT.

What’s happening nowadays is that all objects around us (not only computers, but also phones, TV sets, houses, refrigerators, microwaves, garage doors, etc. , etc. ), start being connected and controlled through Internet – that’s what IoT does.

So we actively joined this direction, having as initial concrete objectives, devices for:

  • Stand-alone electronic information points in cities, monitoring information like air pollution, temperature, humidity, radioactivity, UVs, earthquakes, etc.
  • Video digital code access for houses and companies
  • Smart houses applications – local and remote maintenance and control
  • Stand alone, sun powered devices for preventing forest fires (wildfires)
  • HD Smart Video Phones for big companies
  • General-purpose and application-specific industrial robots
  • Industrial automation

This shows our commitment to enter the hardware side of information technology; in the first phase we'll be using ready-made devices for prototyping, like Intel Galileo, Arduino or Raspberry Pi, together with compatible devices and sensors for all measurable physical and chemical quantities (properties, features). When it comes to industrial production, we intend to develop application-specific circuits, in order to minimize costs and sizes.

Of course, our main goal is to make all these devices as “intelligent” as possible, through our confirmed know-how in software development. One should also take into account the fact that, being software-driven, all these devices are endlessly and remotely upgradable – without extra hardware and hardware maintenance costs.

For more details, please contact us at office@romsoft.eu.

RomSoft Research & Development Story
How to Develop an Innovative Company Culture

...and get away with it. Besides the basic ingredients that are pretty easy to grasp, like intelligence, hard work, perseverance, and good intentions, are there any secret ingredients to the formula? A true story about how we started developing software for others, but on the way, also got working on our own, innovative ideas. Not the best drawings you've ever seen, but they paint a true picture...

RomSoft at Stagii pe Bune 2016
5 Steps to Your Dream Internship

This is the fourth year we will be present at Stagii pe Bune, the best internship program available for tech students in Iasi. From past years’ experience, we have drawn the most important 5 aspects you should ponder on before you choose your first internship. Of course, starting from the premise that you want your first internship to be a successful, eye-opening experience...

Cross for schools
Cross for Schools – What’s up with that?

RomSoft is gold sponsor at Cross for Schools, April 9th. Before you ask “so what’s up with that”, here’s the short answer: We just loved the fact that the 3 Km run will be named “The RomSoft Run”. To celebrate with us, we invite you to support our team with some money-energy for our cause, Stiintescu. Because the deeper, truer reasons for our participation are more than just a name, and make for a longer answer...

RomSoft at CeBIT 2016
RomSoft Heading to CeBIT

14-16 March 2016 - Hanover, Germany

Once again, 14 to 16 March, our eyes will be on the world’s largest technology fair: CeBIT, Hanover – Germany.

CeBIT is the number one place where information and communication technology leaders get together to watch the digital transformation as it happens, learn about the newest startups as they take off and break their latest technology news to the world.

If you plan to be there, make sure to pay us a visit, as our colleague, Dorin Cristea, will be there to meet you, in the Romanian Pavilion, Hall 6/F48.

RomSoft Corporate Video 2016
Introducing RomSoft Corporate Video

A glimpse into the daily working life of an otherwise camera-shy team :)

In terms of custom software development, we know that, from a time and place point of view, we’re part of something great. The city, the country and even the entire geographical region have been bringing, for many years, an effervescent contribution to the worldwide high-tech community. And we take pride in being part of this generation. The RomSoft journey turns sweet 15 this year, hopefully a good moment to introduce our very first attempt to put into video who we are and what we are offering.


RomSoft Christmas Card 2015
RomSoft's 2015 - A Quick Review

CC: Santa

We usually don’t like to brag. But hey, it’s been such an extraordinary, crazy year here at RomSoft, that we can’t help ourselves. :-)

First of all, our number one reason to exist - the happy customers: it’s been a good year for that. We continued and consolidated our strategic partnerships with Sysmex Europe and Office Timeline.

This led to the unplanned but most welcomed consequence that our team has grown a respectable 27% in terms of smart, talented people.

Along the way, new business directions were identified with some important customers in the US. This triggered the need to build our own, internal mobile-development team, at the cost of becoming even bigger nerds in terms of technologies, gadgets and apps.

Developing innovative products and services proved to be a healthy choice for our growth strategy, a choice that was made years ago and shows its benefits today.

In 2015 we successfully ended some important projects developed in the POSCCE national funding programme (within the iMAGO-MOL and Euronest clusters), making room for even greater opportunities ahead: The Horizon 2020 programme, an impressive financial instrument dedicated to research and innovation initiatives and set to secure Europe’s global competitiveness for the next 5 to 10 years.

OPERANDO is the first H2020 project we started working on, in May 2015. The fall came with more good news in this direction: a new research initiative that we’re part of, called PEPPER, received the green line from the European commission and is set to start in January 2016.

Beyond the ambitious objectives of these projects, the even more important thing for us is that they bear the potential to grow the seeds of our own, trademark products and services , which is a secret wish for the New Year. :-)

And though numbers don’t always tell the whole truth, in 2015 we reached the 1,000,000 lines of code/year milestone, which now explains the over 11,000 cups of coffee/year consumed by RMS employees.

With these things in mind, we end 2015 with a cheer, and high hopes for the future.

Sincerely yours,

The RomSoft Team

PEPPER Research Project Horizon 2020
RomSoft is Partner in New Research Project Approved on Horizon 2020 EU Funding Line - PEPPER

The constant quest to improve life quality for patients struggling with type II diabetes has brought together once again a number of six stakeholders from the academic and SME areas, from three European countries. The research initiative titled PEPPER is funded under the Horizon 2020 European Programme and is well aligned with the topics of Call PHC 28 – 2015: Self-management of health and disease and decision support systems based on predictive computer modelling used by the patients themselves.

The six project partners are Oxford Brookes University (UK), Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine (UK), Universitat de Girona (Spain), Institut d’Investigacio Biomedica de Girona Doctor Josep Trueta (Spain), RomSoft SRL (Romania), Cellnovo Limited (UK).

The project will design and implement a self-health management system that in its first phase will address the type II diabetes patients. The main objective is to make a highly unpredictable condition like diabetes effectively manageable right at patient’s end, but on the long run the system could be used for managing other chronic illnesses.

This will be done by proposing a personalized decision support system for disease management. The system will make predictions based on real-time data collected from multiple sources, from patient’s medical history to patient’s own data input.

The Romanian partner RomSoft, along with the British company Cellnovo will provide the hardware platform for the mobile guidance tool and the cloud-based personal health care record, both of which will conform to international standards. The system will be tested first using an FDA-approved simulator and then evaluated through a full clinical trial.

The PEPPER project not only will use the latest technology and research findings, but also proposes advances beyond the state of the art in critical domains such as self-monitoring of blood glucose, cloud architecture of electronic log-books, continuous glucose monitoring and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion.

The decision support engine can be considered the core innovation of PEPPER, and it implies additional research in a more subtle but critically important domain that refers to behavioural science and what determines patients to play a bigger role in managing their own wellbeing, on the long run. The results will help RomSoft and its partners design and integrate a fully reliable decision support module.

With a duration of 36 months PEPPER is to be implemented under the coordination of Oxford Brookes University (UK).

The PEPPER project exploits and further develops previous results obtained in research project DIAdvisorTM, a FP7 project developed within the framework of a 14 partners’ consortium, that RomSoft was also part of.

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation programme, with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020). Horizon 2020 is set to represent the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness.

OPERANDO Interview Digi 24 Iasi
OPERANDO – DIGI 24 Iasi Interview with English Transcript

Recently, Dorin Cristea, RomSoft manager and Lucian Nita, RomSoft head of R&D department were invited at DIGI 24 Iasi to speak about our newly approved research and development project OPERANDO, and other research projects we develop. Other themes: innovation in the Romanian ITC sector, main considerations when applying for EU/national funding, and last but not least, challenges in finding valuable ITC specialists. For those of our friends who don’t speak Romanian, we added the English transcript.

RomSoft Innovates in Data Privacy by Launching Project OPERANDO

The first days of June found RomSoft at the beginning of an exciting journey – the start of a new Horizon 2020-funded R&D project: OPERANDO (Online Privacy Enforcement, Rights Assurance and Optimization). Besides RomSoft, the OPERANDO project consortium includes partners from several countries: Oxford Computer Consultants Ltd – UK, Arteevo Technologies Ltd - Israel, Stelar Security Technology Law Research UG – Germany, Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation – Spain, University of Southampton – UK, University of Piraeus Research Center – Greece, Progetti di Impresa srl and Fondazione Centro San Raffaele / Ospedale San Raffaele – Italy.

The goal of the OPERANDO project is to specify, implement, field-test, validate and exploit an innovative privacy enforcement platform that will enable the Privacy as a Service business paradigm and the market for online privacy services.

The OPERANDO project will integrate and extend the state of the art technology and algorithms to create a platform that will be used by the entire ecosystem of online privacy stakeholders: end-users, Privacy Services Providers, Online Services Providers and Regulators.

The OPERANDO platform will support flexible and viable business models, including targeting of individual market segments such as public administration, social networks and Internet of Things.

OPERANDO innovates in being the first truly open online privacy platform that allows application developers to develop and operate their own privacy services while creating federated business partnerships.

A key aspect addressed by OPERANDO is the need to simplify privacy for end users. OPERANDO will also address online services providers for simplified privacy compliance checking and auditing, to verify that they will meet user expectations or to satisfy privacy regulators. The technology will be trialled in the health care and public administration sectors.

Planned to be released as an open source project, OPERANDO will therefore be an open, evolving, standards- and legislation-compliant platform that will fit into European Privacy-by-Design frameworks, and will be able to adapt to the developments of privacy legislation, the evolving user privacy needs and requirements, and the emerging privacy-affecting trends.

For RomSoft this project is a continuation of the excellent results in previous EU-funded R&D projects and reflects our strategic commitment to seek and create opportunities for developing innovative products and services.

RomSoft at Cross for Schools Iasi
Run with RomSoft at Cross For Schools

This year, on May 10th, not only that we celebrate Romania’s Independence Day, but we’ll be running in the first edition of Iasi Cross for Schools, with a team of 22 members and a fundraising target of RON3000. We invite you to show your support for our cause, the implementation of “Stiintescu” Fund in Iasi, alongside with 3 other Romanian cities: Bucuresti, Cluj-Napoca & Sibiu. Stiintescu Fund is intended to prove that the exact sciences can be taught in more creative and effective ways. How can you help? Well, you can run with us, come and encourage our runners on May 10th, and most important, donate to support our cause here: RUNSoft Team.

First Place at Startup Weekend
1st place at Startup Weekend Iasi 2015

This weekend, four of our colleagues pitched an idea at Startup Weekend Iasi, and they won 1st Place! This makes us very happy and proud. We wish them good luck with working further on their idea and can't wait to see SeeMe! on the market :) Thank you Startup Weekend Iasi for building up the mood throughout the weekend, for the very detailed and valuable info/support, and overall, a great experience!

RomSoft Internships 2015
7 Internship Positions at RomSoft - "Stagii pe Bune 2015"

This Saturday (21st March 2015) we invite local IT&C students to come and meet us in the “Stagii pe Bune” event, organized in Iasi at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Mihai Eminescu Aula.

We begin our presentation at 12:55 so make sure you get there in time!

We really want to meet you in person , hear your questions and learn about your interests.

For this year’s internship program we have 7 openings on four different positions: Junior Web Developer Research MVC – 1 position, Junior Web Developer Research – 2 positions, Junior Web Developer – 1 position, and Junior .NET Developer – 3 positions).

To apply for any of the positions offered, please access http://www.stagiipebune.ro/stagii.html and select the positions for Iasi. There you will find more details about the job requirements and granted benefits.

To point out the most important, you will be signing a 3 months paid work contract, you will work in a real project and benefit of in-house mentorship and training, and last but not least, working hours are flexible and you can shape your program around your faculty schedule.

RomSoft is truly committed to sharing knowledge and shaping young talents, and this has been the case for many years. This is the real opportunity that you can take on here: to benefit from the experience of a senior, professional team, with undeniable mentorship capabilities, and get an early head start in your career.

RomSoft at CeBIT 2015
RomSoft Is At CeBIT, 16th to 20th March 2015

Between 16th and 20th March 2015, you can meet us at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany - the leading information and communication technology (ICT) fair, now at its 17th edition.

This year, please find us in the Romanian Pavilion, Hall 6, Booth B49. Our presence year after year at the heart of the world's greatest information technology outspread, shows our commitment to make ourselves known and share with you the newest details about our projects, teams, development processes, technologies and research & development undertakings. So let's meet there! We're sure we have a lot to talk about :)

New R&D Project OPERANDO Approved to Start in May 2015

RomSoft, as part of an international research consortium, has been recently approved the development of a new R&D project – OPERANDO, funded within the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union.
The goal of the OPERANDO project is to specify, implement, field-test, validate and exploit an innovative privacy enforcement platform that will enable the Privacy as a Service business paradigm and the market for online privacy services.
For RomSoft, this is a confirmation of the positive results in previous FP7 projects and marks our commitment to continue our strategy to seek and create opportunities for developing new products and services.
Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation programme, with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020). Horizon 2020 is set to represent the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness.

RomSoft.EU is Live

Because we are proud to be part of the great European family, from now on, you can also find us on romsoft.eu. “.EU” domains are restricted to the organizations or individuals having their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Community.

ISTC 6th Edition
ISTC 6th Edition

The Iasi Testing Community invites you to participate at the ISTC In Depth Sixth Edition - TestComplete for Desktop Applications. The event will take place at RomSoft, on February 28th. Please see details about the event and registration process at Iasi Testing Community.

SIACT R&D Project

SIACT - the Integrated Assistance System for Tele-monitoring and Communication, destined for people with severe neuromuscular handicap - is a research and development project that will have as a final result a complex electronic system for more effective monitoring and caregiving to patients with severe neuromuscular diseases. The target project beneficiary can hear, see and understand everything within normal parameters, but cannot communicate through usual methods (speaking, writing, sign language).

The system will include two functional components: one for communication, and another one for tele-monitoring. While the issue of tele-monitoring is not new and has been researched and applied in various other medical assistance fields, this is the first time when the two components are paired together, and a viable solution is proposed that is also cost effective, by using for the greatest part the same hardware resources and, where possible, the same software resources.

The system will use any of the patients’ limited movement abilities (muscular contractions of a forearm, a finger, a leg, or even eye movements and blinking) to help them communicate their thoughts or needs to the caregiver, by touching certain buttons, pointing areas on a screen or even by focusing with their eyes a certain keyword or pictogram.

But what makes this project really unique is the fact that it proposes to implement a bidirectional communication system based on multiple techniques, including eye focalization detection, to help the patient validate or invalidate options from a list of keywords and/or pictograms, parallel with monitoring patients’ vital signs. By being able to communicate with the caregiver through an intelligent system, the patient will become less dependent of permanent supervising, making it possible for a caregiver to take care of several patients at the same time, with no loss in the quality of the caregiving act.

And that is not all. The informatics system will open new possibilities of reintegrating the neuromuscular challenged people to society, at different rates, from helping them ease their own caregiving, to offering them various activity options (reading, listening to music, navigating the internet, e-mailing, and even offering solutions to various problems). The essential aspect to understand about SIACT is that it is destined for people who, although they cannot move or speak, they have their intellectual capacity intact. The system can partially eliminate the stress of feeling trapped in an un-functional body while having an active mind.

Project details: The project totals more than EUR 200,000 financed by UEFISCDI through The National Research, Development & Innovation Plan PNII 2007-2013 (competition destined for partnership type applicative research collaborative projects 2014-1016), and 15% of the project cost is co-financed by RomSoft.

The project partners are the Technical University of Iasi ”Gheorghe Asachi” (project coordinator), University of Medicine Iasi ”Grigore T. Popa” and RomSoft.

Back in 2008, RomSoft participated for the first time in another tele-monitoring research project - TELEMON. The Integrated System for Real Time Monitoring of Patients and Elderly People - TELEMON - resulted in an integrated e-health platform capable of offering real time tele-monitoring of subjects, and more timely interventions in case of emergencies, no matter if the patients found themselves in medical care units, at work, on vacation, or elsewhere.

SIMAP Project Launch

The official launch of a new research project, SIMAP - The Innovative System for Interactive Artistic Mediation is meant to help people rediscover the Patrimony of Romanian art museums - and brings into attention the need to upgrade the way Romanian art museums interact with the great public.

The research consortium was born from the creative and scientific collaboration of its founding members: The University of Arts "George Enescu", Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry "Petru Poni", Complex Muzeal National Moldova (CNMN), and RomSoft.

The project's main objective is to deliver a fully interactive artistic mediation system that will capitalize on Romania's museums artistic patrimony.

Or, to break it down into smaller pieces, the projects aims, first and foremost, to deliver a new set of data regarding the physicochemical composition of every representative piece of art found in the CNMN patrimony. The resulting database will be an integrating part of the new information system for artistic mediation and education.

The already existing information on the researched works will be updated and the consortium will research new and creative ways for artistic mediation.

The information system for artistic mediation and education - SIMAP - will be a self-learning tool designed within the modern requirements of today's society, considering art consumers' behavior patterns and integrating communication forms they already use with familiarity (social tagging).

Based on the data collected on a permanent basis through social tagging, new folksonomies will be constructed along with the conventional taxonomies of the mediation system, allowing the mediators to conceive more effective instruments for communication. All these are crucial steps in the transition from the behaviorist paradigm to the constructivist epistemologies.

The system will be responsive to all mainstream mobile devices (smart phones and tablets).

RomSoft will be involved in the project contribution beyond the state of the art, covering all software related artefacts (the artwork database, the user interface and user experience, the social tagging mechanisms, the self-learning algorithms).

The project, totaling over EUR 230.000, is co-financed by UEFISCDI (through the competition destined for "Partnership" type applicative research collaborative projects - PNII) and RomSoft, and will be implemented 2014 through 2016.

International MRI Summer School
RomSoft Announces Participation to the “International MRI Summer School”, August 2-6, 2014, Iasi

Debating about new frontiers in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the event brings together physicians, researchers, professors, equipment manufacturers and other medical imaging specialists from all over the world.

Lucian Nita (RomSoft) will speak of "The Future of Telemedicine in the North Eastern Region of Romania".

RomSoft is founder and active member of The North-East Innovative Regional Cluster for Structural and Molecular Imaging (IMAGO-MOL), and partner in the USMED project aiming to create a unified informatics system for managing medical data, accessible to all medical imaging equipment users in the region: physicians, students, doctoral candidates, residents, and lab technicians.

ISTC Goes Mobile
ISTC Goes Mobile

ISTC goes mobile in the upcoming fall edition. New companies will be joining us for this new edition of ISTC - Iasi Testing Community, dedicated entirely to mobile testing. For more details please follow the ISTC webpage.

USMED Project Kick Off
USMED Project Kick Off within Medical Imaging Cluster IMAGO-MOL

USMED - the first R&D project established as an objective in the medical imaging cluster IMAGO-MOL was launched on May 14th 2014. The project is financed through POSCCE, summing up a total value of EUR 600.000, and will be implemented within an 18 months timespan.

The project’s objective is to create a unified informatics system for managing medical data, to be accessed by all medical imaging equipment users in the region: physicians, students, doctoral candidates, residents, and lab technicians.

Through this system, all medical imaging data sources will be interconnected, to be available in critical moments, increasing effectiveness of medical doctors who need to learn only one informatics system, available anytime and anywhere. The platform will enhance patient safety and reduce waiting times on data processing in urgent medical interventions. The system will include automatic data processing functions to be used in the operatory process such as vocal command for file management, or analyzing and parsing images. The project requirements include adaptation to all equipment types (PC, tablet, mobile devices).

RomSoft takes part in the project as founding member of The North-East Innovative Regional Cluster for Structural and Molecular Imaging – IMAGO-MOL.

The Iasi Testing Community meeting
RomSoft UK Office

Starting today, our UK Office is fully functional and open for business.

For UK operations and other details you can contact our local Business Development Manager, Tim Duffy, using the contact data as follows:

RomSoft UK
Cowley House, 12 Black Jack Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 2AA, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)845 054 2350
Mobile: +44 (0)7873 255693
Email: tim.duffy@rms.ro

The Iasi Testing Community meeting
"Stagii pe Bune 2014" – The Tradition Goes On

As you already know, RomSoft offers every year a certain number of real, paid internships for students who are genuinely interested to work and learn, in a professional environment.

This year, we reiterate our participation in the Stagii pe Bune program, with four internship openings for this summer.

Please join us in the “Mihai Eminescu” Auditorium of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Iasi, on March 29, 2014, for this year’s opening event.

The program is being offered by the Faculty of Computer Science of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi. The event is meant to keep you informed about IT&C internships available in Iasi and not only, right from the representatives of the participant companies.

For the local website of the event, please visit http://profs.info.uaic.ro/~stagiidepractica/.

Also, please see more details about the internship available at RomSoft.

The Iasi Testing Community meeting
Iasi Testing Community Workshop - 2nd Edition and New Success Story

Software testers from four Romanian leading IT companies: RomSoft, Levi9, OSF - Global Services and Centric IT Solutions Romania, got together on November 9th 2013 for the second edition of the Iasi Testing Community Workshop.

Theoretical presentations about JMeter and Visual Studio CodedUI were followed by practical sessions.

Here are some of the most important items on the event agenda:

  • "Take your first bite of JMeter" - Stefan Iricinschi & Cosmin Tucaliuc, OSF Global Services - Theory & Practice
  • "First automated tests using Visual Studio CodedUI" - Silviu Luca, Centric IT Solutions Romania - Theory & Practice
  • Discussions
  • Conclusions - Adrian Apostolache, RomSoft

If you ask participants, software testing has never been more fun and entrancing - image stands proof :).

Here are some ideas brainstormed for following ISTC events, in the discussions session:
Embedded testing, Agile Testing, Security Testing, Manual Testing (Best practices), Automation Testing (Best practices), Advantages/drawbacks of automated testing, Automated mobile testing, Selenium WebDriver, Test management, Test management tools, Test reporting, Challenges from complex projects regarding testing, Project management, Databases, Auto IT, and last but not least, SoapUI. A highly ambitious plan, we must say. For more details and photos, please visit https://iasitestingcommunity.azurewebsites.net/.

The Iasi Testing Community meeting
The Iasi Testing Community Takes Off Successfully

The Iasi Testing Community (ISTC) was born from the enthusiasm of some passionate software testing specialists from Iasi, Romania, representing some leading regional software development enterprises such as OSF Global Services, Premium Software and RomSoft.

Our main objective is to create and grow an organic software testing community, to encourage easy communication, natural exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing among its members.

We came to appreciate that competition may be good, but cooperation is even better. As founding members of this community, we loved working together in organizing the first ISTC workshop. It was a lot of fun getting together, brainstorming ideas, setting our goals, helping each other through, getting things done. Yes, we share the same interests in software testing, but at the end of the day, what really brought us to know each other and feel like a community was the actual planning of this event.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to join us, on the ISTC website or Facebook page, and get involved, as we don't want the "Iasi Testing Community" to be property of a particular individual or company, but of all its members.

Euronest IT&C Hub Cluster meeting
RomSoft Signs the Euronest IT&C Hub Cluster Inauguration Act

RomSoft is proud be a founding member of the newly inaugurated Regional Innovative IT&C Cluster - Euronest IT&C HUB.

The general objectives assumed by all cluster members reside first and foremost in increasing the visibility of the most stringent problems in the IT&C sector, especially to national public authorities and European regulatory organisms activating in this field. The Euronest IT&C Hub's mission is to sustain and facilitate in more modern and creative ways the competitive and durable growth of the IT&C sector. Also, its mission is to identify and put to work the most effective mechanisms to lead to this growth - whether it’s closer partnerships, mentoring, adapted infrastructure or better communication - in order to facilitate the delivery of innovative solutions and services in the information technology industry.

The signing of the constitutive documents of the Regional Innovative Cluster Euronest IT&C Hub, as well as the first reunion of the Strategic Council, took place on May 14th, at the Palas Conference Center in Iasi.

Euronest IT&C Hub reunites 12 IT&C companies from the North-East Region (with over 1000 employees), 4 third-level education institutions, and several public organizations/external facilitators with relevant experience in telecom, creative industries, software development, outsourcing, mobile devices, e-services, and financial services.

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Promising Preliminary Results for the DIAdvisor Trial Testings

The Personal Glucose Predictive Diabetes Advisor (DIAdvisorTM), one of the most important FP7 R&D projects we have been working on at RomSoft, was recently featured on CORDIS (the leading Community Research and Development Information Service).

Scientists and physicians all over the world have been long trying to make diabetes a more manageable disease. What they knew for sure was that a body that cannot produce its own insulin relies solely on man-made decisions about when the blood glucose (BG) is too high and an insulin shot is in order, or when it is too low and food intake is necessary. However, if you let the BG reach the high and low levels on a daily basis, it can be devastating. All ups and downs in blood sugar are both frustrating for the patients and damaging for their bodies on long term.

DIAdvisor was designed to eliminate these high and low peaks as much as possible, based on a prediction system that allows the patient to foresee the blood glucose levels two hours ahead with reasonable accuracy.

For the first phase, the project had encouraging results and made it clear that prediction can be made based on three parameters: blood sugar levels, insulin levels and food intake. In order to help patients control these parameters, a handheld device was created where they could log their BG and insulin readings, as well as their meals. The device's software, developed in collaboration with the RomSoft team, diabetes professionals and other members of the consortium, integrates the forecasting algorithms with a decision management module. The device is easy to use and needs little or no calibration on the user side.

The decision management module is crucial to this story, as most patients, even if they had a prediction for the BG levels for two hours in the future, they most likely would not know what to do with it. So we can most confidently say that this device could substitute the doctor's advice at the same time, as its recommendations perfectly matched those of real doctors 88% of the time and, out of almost 1500 recommendations during testing, it never provided any harmful advice.

So the preliminary, short-term results are promising. The next stepping stone in making this device widely available to patients is, for sure, a large-scale trial testing.

The Personal Glucose Predictive Diabetes Advisor (DIAdvisorTM) is a FP7 project developed within the framework of a 14 partner’s consortium, including some prestigious universities, and companies in various fields of activity.

For the source article, please read here.

For more information on the DIAdvisor project please see www.diadvisor.eu.

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New RomSoft Partnership - Office Timeline

RomSoft is pleased to announce that we have successfully passed the first significant milestone in our new partnership with the Office Timeline team.

Office Timeline is developing software tools to simplify the way people present projects and business plans to their staff, management and customers. The Office Timeline development team has closely partnered RomSoft over the past year to produce and release Office Timeline 2012 Free Edition and Office Timeline 2012 Plus Edition.

RomSoft is thrilled to be a trusted partner of Office Timeline, and to deliver their team an efficient, valuable service. Partnerships such as these inspire us and make us proud.

“We are on a mission to rid the world of boring project presentations that make audiences yawn,” said Tim Stumbles, co-founder of Office Timeline. “These new releases help us achieve that mission and they would not have been possible without the great partnership we have with RomSoft.”

To find out more about this product please visit the Office Timeline page.

IMAGO-MOL Official Launch
IMAGO-MOL Official Launch Conference, 29-31 October 2012

29 through 31 October 2012 we participated in the official launch of the North-East Innovative Regional Cluster for Structural and Molecular Imaging - IMAGO-MOL, where RomSoft is a founding partner.

The cluster is designed to become a binding organism for all its members, helping them put together their expertise and knowledge for mutual benefit like increased efficiency, higher quality of services, better products and enhanced visibility.

The initiative is part of the “Advanced, Cross-Disciplinary & Integrated Medical Imaging for all Europeans through a Network of Regional Clusters and Development Strategies” – AMI 4 Europe, funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program (grant agreement no. 265435), and has the objective to define and develop the concept of “next generation” medical imaging, integrating disciplines such as nanomedicine, pharmaceutical and bio-technologies for healthcare and ICT.

The opening conference, meetings and workshops were held in Iasi, at the Unirea Conference Center.

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AMI 4 Europe - First Phase Finalized

RomSoft has successfully finalized implementing the first phase in the AMI 4 Europe project: Initial Analysis Report aiming to provide the regional/national context of Medical Imaging, investigated in North East Region of Romania.

AMI 4 Europe is a project funded by the European Commission through Grant Agreement N. 265435, in which RomSoft SRL participates as a partner, together with 21 other institutions, companies and organizations from all over Europe.

The objective of AMI 4 Europe is to define and develop the concept of “next generation” medical imaging, integrating disciplines such as nanomedicine, pharmaceutical and biotechnologies for healthcare and ICT through the involvement of policy makers, researchers, enterprises and physicians.

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European Funds for Employees Health and Security

Starting on 01 August 2010, RomSoft begins a new project called „Risk-Free Environment for Employees”. The project is part of the State Aid Scheme No. 78 „Money for Employees Health and Security” implemented through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013.

Among the main objectives of the project we can name the increase in employment quality and overall improvement of work conditions, increase of employee’s security and health protection, and reduction of professional hazard.

The project will be implemented throughout the next 18 months.